Little League Girls Softball and Boys and Girls Tee Ball in Westchester, Playa del Rey, Inglewood, and Playa Vista in Southern California.

Sponsored By:   Lease Advisors
Bat-a-Thon and Throw-a-Thon winners:


Most Team Points:  RAYS (Mini Minors)

Highest Donation by a Team:  PADRES (Mini Minors)


Most Team Points:  CARDINALS

Highest Donation by a Team:  ORIOLES

Thanks to everyone who participated and made this a successful event.

Thanks to all who participated in this year's Bat-a-Thon and Throw-a-Thon to make it such a wonderful event!

Remember to turn in your pledged monies to
your Team Mom by:
Monday, March 4, 2013 at 6:00 PM

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Softball Teams

Tee Ball Teams
This is a fun, easy way to start the season off and to raise funds for the League!


Saturday, FEBRUARY 23, 2013

9:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Softball teams: Click on the logo below for Bat-a-thon form 

Softball teams: click for Bat-a-thon pledge form
Every team participates, with a prize for every participant. Softball teams do the Bat-a-thon and Tee Ball teams do the Throw-a-thon.

Players gather pledges - either flat amount or per point.

Click on the logos at the right for the appropriate pledge form.

Tee Ball teams: Click on the logo below for Throw-a-thon form 

Each player gets 6 hits off the tee (6 throws for Tee Ball) and scores points depending on where the ball lands in one of the 3 zones on the field. Last hit counts as triple points!

Managers and coaches can hit/throw for a $20 cash pledge and their score is added to the team score.
  Special Prizes for:
Most Points - Individual & Team
Highest Pledge Amount - Individual & Team
100% Team Participation